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Port waters
Within the boundaries of the port water area. It generally must meet two basic requirements: that the ship can safely rely on access to ports and from the pier; be stable for parking and loading and unloading operations. Including terminal port waters before the waters, and out of port channel, the ship turned around water, anchorage and navigation signs and other parts.

Approach Channel
Ship out of port waters and channels connected with the main channel. Generally good in the natural water depth, sediment deposition is small, as much as possible to avoid cross-wind and cross-flow of water from ice and other interference. Arranged along the direction of its flow into the linear order is appropriate. According to the frequency of ship navigation can be used separately or double channel single channel. Density is relatively small in navigation (as in the average daily shipping vessels ≤ 1), in order to reduce the amount of excavation and the amount of sediment deposition, after technical and economic comparison and full study can be considered one-way channel. Channel width generally based on speed, transverse vessels, the possible lateral drift and other factors, and add the necessary width to determine the wealthy. Approach channel depth, in large projects, remediation more difficult conditions, the general harbor tide by large ships entering and leaving the principle of consideration; small quantities or in case of a large density of navigation, the demonstration can be at any time after The principles for determining access. Depth of the river port approach channel design standards should ensure the safe passage of ship.

By tide-bit
Ship through the channel (including the approach channel) of the local shallow section, due to insufficient water depth, and often the use of certain high tide in order to increase of depth of the ship through. This makes the ship in a certain period of time, by a certain large section of shallow tidal water through the channel is called by the tide bit. The concept of position by the tide, often in the design of approach channel, estuaries and shallow channel bottom dock port dock height when used to determine by how much the tide, the ship will have representatives with the draft design, the length of shallow waterway, navigation speed, navigation and density, according to local real tide line to compare the selected process. Excavation by tidal channel using bits, the amount you can save project, but the ship sailing time is limited and can not be readily navigable.

Turned water
Also known as swing waters. By ship from the pier, turned around or out of the port need to change course from time to time dedicated waters. Its size and scale of the ship, turned way, the water flow and wind speed and direction. With the assistance of tugs the ship turned, the rotation is generally inscribed circle diameter. Maximum total length of the ship. When the ship turned around on their own, generally not less than the diameter. Boat turned around in the water area (such as river), the rotary track oval, diameter size, but not the same as with the velocity, up. In the hydro-meteorological bad areas, but also to increase the scale. Waters can generally be turned around with the combined waters of the harbor navigation layout.
Turned to the depth of the waters, harbors and estuaries in Hong Kong, the minimum water depth generally based on large ships entering and leaving the port by the principle of wave considered;, including river port, the minimum water depth is generally less than the minimum navigable water depth of channel control section.


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